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Sales Evaluation Tool


Recruiting a new or replacement member of your sales team can often be a long, stressful and expensive journey. Not only do you have to consider the obvious costs - like recruiting agencies and advertising - but there's also the other costs that often get overlooked such as the hours spent placing adverts, reading CVs, organising interviews and then waiting around for the no shows (why they don't just call is beyond us too!)

Although we can't help in ensuring your candidates turn up for interviews (well, not until bundling someone in a van isn't frowned upon), we can help in ensuring that you are only interviewing those candidates who will be a success in your business.

Why not try our simple, online calculator to find out your true recruitment costs and then find out how much you save with the use of our candidate assessment tool.


As a business owner or CEO, we appreciate that you would love to be able to have full confidence in the potential performance of your sales organisation, be able to improve the capabilities of your sales managers and develop stronger salespeople who can sell more and have higher margin business.

By conducting evaluations on your existing sales team, you will have access to crucial information on your team's sales capabilities and get confirmation on whether you have the right people in the right roles.

Results will show the specific growth potential of your sales people and managers, plus it will show you what needs to be done to help them achieve that development and how long it will take.



Sales is unlike any other function in your organisation - every day sales people face competition, rejection, hostility and lack of control.

Our sales training programs are designed to help sales people and/ or sales managers develop a unique understanding of the principles, strategies, sales processes and mindsets necessary to be successful, specific to their industry, market and situation.


So, whether you are just starting out in sales, an experienced sales person looking to improve your success, or an established sales manager who wants better results for yourself and your team - we have a training package to help.


Research consistently shows that 'pitching' products and services at your customers not only annoys them, but rarely has you meeting your sales goals.


Effective training and mentoring of sales professionals is key to developing sales targets with confidence and knowledge.


Our highly successful In House Coaching programs (as featured in our success stories) have seen our clients achieve some amazing results.


With different combinations lasting 12 months or more, we're confident we have a package to suit your business needs - or if not, we can tailor a package just for you.