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Did you know that most purchases are made with emotion - and then backed up with logic. The psychology of decision making relates primarily to the concept of emotions and feelings.


For example: Shoes.


How many pairs of shoes do you own and how many pairs of feet do you have? Logically, we only NEED one pair of shoes but then emotion takes over and suddenly we have a closet full of them. That's because we WANT the shoes so we buy them and then we justify the purchase with logic - e.g. "I had to get them as they were in the sale", "I needed some smart shoes for work" etc.


The same goes with cars.

If we all made purchasing decisions based on logic, nobody would buy sports cars. We'd all be driving KIA's - not bad looking, easy on the fuel and they have a 7 year warranty! The truth is, we want the fast, shiny cars and then talk ourselves into it - "I needed a car with a satnav", "I needed a car that is more economically friendly", "I needed a car with a bigger boot to fit all my new shoes in" - you get the point.

With this in mind, to be a successful sales person you need to uncover the emotional reason for someone buying from you. There are two main types of customer - those who make a decision based on 'avoiding pain' (AWAY) and those who make a decision based on 'seeking pleasure' (TOWARD).

Use our quick, simple online quiz below to find out which one you are. Once completed, you will be able to download our free fact sheet to help you distinguish your customer's preference.