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If you've worked in sales for long enough, you would have seen your fair share of sales ghosts - you may have even hired a few. 


They’re the people who look like sales people and act like sales people, but simply can not sell. They have every excuse in the books but keep firing blanks.

Have you ever thought about how much these people cost you? Wages? Lost revenue? And what about the damage to your brand? Scary thought.

Our recruitment calculator below can help you work out the true cost of bad hiring decisions and why it's so important to get your recruitment right the first time. 


So, who are you going to call?

Objective Assessment have the tools and experience to identify potential sales ghosts, long before they have the chance to scare your business away. Our recruitment screens are proven to bust those ghosts away. 


The lengths we go to understand your business, your market and your expectations, together with our unique and thorough selection processes, ensures the recruitment of only “A” Grade sales performers.