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In selling, qualifying is the process of determining if a certain lead (potential customer) has certain characteristics (such as ability, authority, and inclination to purchase, and economic size of the expected order) that qualify them as a legitimate prospect.


Qualifying is one of the most overrated and underutilised concepts in the sales process. As a concept, qualifying means we have given consideration to certain conditions in order to assess if we are talking to a bona fide prospective client or customer.


Typically, problems in sales are not discovered until after the proposal, quote or presentation is offered. At that point, the game of chase begins. We get stuck in “voicemail jail.” We get postpones, stalls and put-offs from the people we thought were prospective customers.

To avoid the game of chase, once you have identified your ideal prospect and made contact with them, the best way to further qualify them throughout the sales process is by using the following success criteria as a systematic and unique approach. By following the guidelines below, you will make the most efficient use of your time by spending your energy preparing proposals, quotes and presentations for only the most qualified of prospects.


Use the below checklist and make it part of your sales process. The more of the checklist points below which can be ticked, the higher the likelihood of converting the opportunity into a sale.