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Our 12 month, In-House Sales Leadership Programs combines different parts of what we do best and enables us to provide an unique training program tailored to suit your business needs and requirements.

The process starts with your sales team completing a Sales Effectiveness and Improvement Analysis (SEIA), plus individual sales evaluations. This provides us with a complete picture of the sales organisation from which we can develop a strategy to build upon competencies, overcome weaknesses and get the best possible performance out of your team. 
 Upon completion of the SEIA, it will become clear who can deliver greater performance and those that will struggle to lift their sales game to the level that you may require. It will give you the information you need to make important decisions regarding training development and provide knowledge on the most appropriate role for every member of your team. 
The process is pretty straight forward. Firstly, you just need to complete a simple form which requests information such as how many staff are to be evaluated, what products you sell and the current, and future revenue targets. This form is emailed to you upon the order being placed and is the basis for what your team is evaluated against. Links are then created and sent to your team to complete their individual evaluations.


Worried about how your team will react - don't worry! We know that existing sales people can be quite hostile when they think they are being tested so to help you advise your team, we have drafted a sample announcement which can be edited/amended to suit your company.

Once the evaluations have been completed, two consecutive days are scheduled to attend your premises.

The first day is usually spent debriefing on the SEIA findings and then developing a strategy for your company on how you will achieve your objectives. The second day is usually spent with the sales leadership team to develop role clarity for them and the members of their sales team, focusing on the priorities for each role, the activities that need to be performed and the KPI's they need to achieve. This is supported with training of the sales team in the principles behind the Psychology of Sales process and establishing the accountability going forward.



Each package has a certain number of Face to Face meetings and video conference calls. The Face to Face days are designed to build on the capabilities of the sales manager and how effective they are at building the capabilities of their team and ensuring that both the sales team and the manager are focused on the behaviours that are necessary to achieve their targets.

These sessions include role plays, strategy development with your sales people and overcoming weaknesses that may be holding the team members back. The over-riding objective is to ensure that the team beat their sales goals. 
The conference calls are designed to reinforce the agreed actions that come from the In-House Face to Face days. They usually involve the sales manager and often include the sales team, whereby the team can talk of their successes using the tools that they have been developing. It is also an opportunity to discuss the challenges they still face and allows them to seek advice on any forthcoming opportunities. 
The sales manager will discuss their activities for the month, team member’s performance, their actions in this regard and the challenges that they too are facing. This element of the call is conducted in private. 

The Mastermind sessions are held quarterly at different venues and are designed to bring together sales teams to actively learn new capabilities through expert speakers on sales subjects, share their experiences with other community companies and work through challenges with the assistance of sales experts and other companies that can contribute valuable ideas and perspectives.
The role plays in the afternoon are always a hit and allow sales people to test out their sales techniques in a safe environment whilst developing new and valuable capabilities. It is a fantastic shared experience. 


To coincide with the in house training, we also offer sales manager training. The Sales Leadership Success Program which is conducted through online learning and frequent coaching calls.

We found that the 5 most important core competencies of sales management are:

  1. Coaching

  2. Motivating

  3. Development

  4. Recruiting

  5. Accountability


When sales management is ineffective, the problem is often that managers either lack the skills to perform these 5 functions effectively, or they haven’t learned to use their skills in an effective manner.

In addition to the 5 core competencies above, sales managers must be skilled in additional competencies that could have positive or negative effects on their salespeople.

We can identify the impact your sales manager/ managers are having on their salespeople and explain how to improve their effectiveness.