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"I'm excited to announce that after long and serious consideration, we've made a commitment to grow the company and help each salesperson increase their sales and personal income.  We're committed to providing each of you with the resources, support and tools necessary to achieve that goal.  This includes training and coaching as well as more effective sales management from me (us).

As the first step in the process, we've asked Objective Assessment to help us get started.  They are going to perform an evaluation of both our sales organisation and our sales process so that they can return to us and show us where and how we can make modifications that can improve sales and increase our incomes.

I'd like to review my expectations with everyone so that we all understand each other.  Participation in this process is not voluntary.  I expect everyone to be totally honest in their disclosures to Objective Assessment so that they can help us.  Whilst everyone would like their evaluation to come back and say that they're wonderful, they're the best and the fairest in all the land, it wouldn't serve a practical purpose if it were to be unrealistically sugar coated.  So please expect the positive comments to be accompanied by a constructive demonstration of selling weaknesses that must be addressed and understand that while you are seeing the selling consequences of the way you think and perform as a salesperson, I'll be seeing those same consequences based on the way I think and perform as your sales manager [VP of sales, president, boss].

You will shortly receive an email containing a link to complete the evaluation.  Please complete the evaluation at your earliest convenience. If you experience any technical issues or have any questions, please contact”

This announcement can be a memo, faxed or mailed to a remote sales organisation, or a live presentation to a group, just prior to the administration of the evaluation. It is worded so that it can be read by your client.